JCLA signs MoU with Amman’s Middle East University


The Justice Center for Legal Aid (JCLA) signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Amman’s Middle East University as part of their efforts to build capacity and raise legal awareness in various fields. JCLA and the University will work together towards the development of several studies aimed at promoting mutual cooperation between the two teams.

The Dean of the Faculty of Law Dr. Ahmed Al Lozi stated that the decision to sign the MoU with JCLA came from their mutual understanding of the importance to provide students with skills and knowledge and the need to push the community towards legal empowerment in order to strengthen the rule of law. He stressed that this step is going to benefit the students by enhancing their skills and competencies especially from a practical perspective, adding to the theory that students are taught during their university program. These practical and theoretical outputs complete each other and together they prepare the students for their professional life and enable them to work efficiently.

JCLA’s Executive Director, Ms. Hadeel Abdel Aziz, expressed her appreciation for the efforts of the Middle East University in the field of education and community service. Ms. Hadeel pointed out that the JCLA is continuously working towards building bridges of cooperation with both formal and informal sectors of the community in order to reach a society that fully enjoys justice and is governed by the law. She also pointed out that the signing of the MoU represents the willingness to establish a solid partnership and to consolidate cooperation in support of the students and society as a whole.  JCLA makes use of all its human resources and capacity in the service of our community and our children in all governorates of our beloved country.