Legal Empowerment

for Decent Work Conditions

It is not just about the numbers: it is all about the impact

While numbers play a major role in monitoring the extent of work efforts, they can only provide a limited picture of the real impact and long-term change affecting the lives of many individuals.

In JCLA’s experience, protecting workers’ rights has very concrete and direct consequences on individuals and communities. Protecting workers rights means to combat a culture that tolerates that vulnerable people can be treated with injustice.

Ahmad, a Jordanian worker, was unexpectedly fired from his job as a garbage collector. To avoid legal responsibility for the abrupt arbitrary dismissal, the company lodged 8 complaints without evidence or witnesses against Ahmad. Prior to his dismissal he had been working for a 300 JD paycheck and received no vacation days. Ahmad silently endured his employer’s abuse, threats, false accusations, and verbal harassment. "They would deny us a breakfast break…They would curse at me and call me 'slave' because of my dark skin color. They threatened to file charges against me for things I did not do”. After seeking assistance from JCLA, Ahmed was awarded compensation and all complaints were dismissed.

For refugee and migrant workers in Jordan, risks are even higher. Those who do not hold a work permit often become accustomed to having their rights violated, surrendering to the bitter reality of an imperfect system. Migrant domestic workers are often subjected to abuse, ranging from having their passport and documents withheld, to verbal abuse and beatings. Refugees are likely to accept harsh work conditions, just so that they can feed their families.

“Being a refugee without a work permit, I never thought that I would be able to claim my rights”. Mahmoud had gone three months without receiving his wages but was too afraid to seek help. JCLA assists migrant workers not only to rectify their legal status, but also by informing them that not having a permit does not automatically deprive them of claiming their rights. JCLA engages in several awareness campaigns targeting workers from different sectors, tailoring its messages to their specific needs and challenges.

Through its intervention, JCLA restores the dignity of abused workers, creating a society that is empowered and able to hold both the state and employers accountable. At JCLA, we work towards the change that we want to see, in the effort to reach justice for all.