Legal Empowerment

for Decent Work Conditions

Together we shape justice

At JCLA, we believe that real change cannot be achieved by any organization alone. For this reason, JCLA has been working together with its partners in civil society for more than ten years, not only by leveraging its network when leading access to justice campaigns, but also offering its expertise to strengthen civil society efforts from a legal perspective.

With the aim to enhance work conditions in Jordan, JCLA has greatly invested in building community-driven capacity to promote decent work conditions. One of its initiatives consists in placing JCLA Community Facilitators (CFs) at local CBOs across the country, to build their capacity in regard to labor law issues. CFs leverage the CBOs’ outreach to identify labor rights violations, raise awareness and refer cases to lawyers, while empowering the CBOs themselves to take over and continue CFs’ role.

Through its active partnership with several NGOs targeting workers, JCLA is aware of their risks and challenges. This led to launching the campaign “Can you see them?”, raising awareness on human trafficking. The campaign aimed to empower domestic workers, providing them with the tools to reach out for help if needed.

JCLA continues to expand its partnership network, in the effort to make justice available, reachable and accessible to all workers.