Righting an imperfect system

legal aid in criminal cases

Together, we help shape justice

At JCLA, we believe that real change cannot be achieved by any organization alone. For this reason, JCLA has been working together with its partners in civil society for more than ten years, not only by leveraging its network when leading access to justice campaigns, but also offering its expertise to strengthen civil society efforts from a legal perspective.

JCLA plays an extremely active role in civil society when it comes to criminal justice. Among its several initiatives, JCLA launched the campaign 8 _دستور# (8_Constitution), in partnership with the Public Security Department. The title refers to Article 8 of the Jordanian Constitution, which lists the rights and regulation in regard to arrest and detention. The campaign specifically focused on rights at pretrial, reminding the general public that they have the right to request a lawyer at any time throughout the process. Additionally, JCLA provides direct support to human rights advocates, by availing legal assistance whenever they would be arrested for participating in public demonstrations. JCLA also closely collaborates with the National Center for Human Rights, documenting and referring alleged claims of torture. Through its engagement in several coalitions, JCLA presents shadow reports to the UPR on detention, human rights violation and torture, advocates for civil space in Jordan and lobbies the government for legislation that considers the needs of the most vulnerable. Further, JCLA trains other CBOs on criminal justice issues, with a focus on juvenile law, alternative sanctions and referral mechanisms. Through its active engagement, JCLA strives to promote legal empowerment within civil society, so that together, we create change and shape justice.