Rewriting the future

Protecting children and adolescents in the justice system

Together, we help shape justice

At JCLA, we believe that real change cannot be achieved by any organization alone. For this reason, JCLA has been working together with its partners in civil society for more than ten years, not only by leveraging its network when leading access to justice campaigns, but also offering its expertise to strengthen civil society efforts from a legal perspective.

JCLA is part of the Network for Children Deprived of Family Ties, where multiple civil society actors work together to assist children born out of wedlock and orphans. Through its active partners’ network and referral mechanism, JCLA is able to identify trends and create a safety net for children relying on civil society actors. JCLA is also part of the Coalition of Children of Jordanian Mothers, advocating for equal rights for children born to foreign fathers and Jordanian women (who are not granted the right to Jordanian nationality). Further, JCLA actively engages with schools, universities and youth centers to disseminate legal awareness on child protection, widening and strengthening children’s safety net.